The concept is

The feeling of liberation when you’re exposed to the sun.
The feeling of relief when surrounded by shadows in the heat.

Various feelings that formless light gives us.

Aiming for art that makes you feel these things,
So that my heart reaches hearts of others,
I create art by putting my heart and soul into each piece.


Atelier & Shop ” SAYURI – Glass Art – “

My aim is to create a space where one can feel the world of SAYURI YAMAZAKI and its source.

You can feel calm amidst colourful colours,
come and visit this space.

Online Shop “Ritagli di Luce” by SAYURI YAMAZAKI
that focuses on jewelry and accessories to bring glass art closer.


After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, I studied the film stage art.
Through the works with various professionals, I wanted to express myself.
So I moved to Italy in 2014 to learn the glass art.
I learned several different techniques such as stained glass, mosaic, micro mosaic, painting, and so on.
Seeking unique expressions that combine various techniques, I continues to create in Florence.